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About the Park:

The Arusha National Park is a small park situated near Arusha, the Safari Town of Africa (45km.) but has a lot to offer for an unforgettable adventurous wildlife experience. It is situated closest to the safari capital of Tanzania (29Km), the Kilimanjaro International Airport (35Km) and Moshi (58Km). The Park not only has the abundant wildlife but is also one of the most remarkable game reserves in Tanzania. The Park’s main attractions are its three features that make the Arusha National Park Safaris all the more adventurous for its tourists. It is the home to Mt.Meru (the second highest peak of Tanzania), has the fifteen million years old Ngurdoto Crater (3km. wide) and the Momella Lakes that are widely known for their algal colours and wading birds.

The Wildlife:

Arusha National Park offers a rich variety of wildlife experience with the presence of the African Elephants, Leopards, Giraffes, Zebras, Warthog, the black-and-white Colobus Monkeys, the blue Monkeys, Buffalos, Flamingos, plus a variety of bird and plant species.

Stay at Arusha National Park:

There are several options available to stay within Arusha National park and its vicinity. Since the park is situated very close to the Arusha town, one may even opt to stay in the town and drive to the park. There are a number of tented camps and luxury lodges available. The lodges and camps are equipped to cater for discerning travellers. They offer spectacular views of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru and goes to great lengths to ensure all guests are personally taken care of..

Things to do at Arusha National Park:

The park offers a number of adventures to experience. Walking Arusha Safaris, Climbing Mt. Meru, game drives to Ngurdoto Crater and the Momella lakes are the main attractions of the Arusha Safaris. The prolific birdlife is easily seen here than anywhere else in the world.

Best Time to Visit:

Wildlife experience in Arusha National Park is good all through the year but animals are best to spot during the dry season, that is, the months from late June to October as the Wildlife come out to gather at water sources. Also, the games are easier to drive & spot during the dry season. During the wet season, November to May, the scenery is beautiful with lush greens and the birding is the best as the migratory birds are present too during the reason.

Overall Experience:

In all, the Arusha National Park Safaris provide an adventurous Wildlife Experience. There is a lot much wildlife that you can spot on your visit, the adventurous games that can drive you crazy and the spectacular views that make the visit all the more thrilling and a memorable experience.