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At Drive Tanzania we understand that there is a need to scale up the corporate social responsibility. For this our main area of focus will remain the Same-Kilimanjaro region. Our complete team of Drive Tanzania Ltd is constantly striving hard to expand its corporate social responsibility across different regions of Africa once there is a sufficient amount of fund collected.

This has been made possible by the efforts of our loyal clients. When a tourist selects a safari or trekking package organized by Drive Tanzania, they are indirectly providing their support to the Education, Health, Social, Economic empowerment, Wildlife management and conservation. The 5% of the sales are directly contributed to the expansion of the corporate social responsibility for the different regions of Africa.


-The fund will be used for building classrooms

- Improving the student facilities towards accessibility of Information technology

-It will be even used for providing the right School desks and computers.


-To improve the health care system in Same-Kilimanjaro

- Building dispensary and providing beds in the clinics

- Supporting less previelged families by offering them with health insurance policies.

Social, Economic Empowerment

- Empower the Youth by providing resources to reduce poverty

- Supporting women towards sustainable income generation

Wildlife Management & Conservation

-To provide the right education that will help them in understanding their responsibilities towards the wildlife management and Conservation.

-To raise a campaign in order to spread the awareness about the increasing elephant poaching concerns in Tanzania.

Interested volunteers willing to provide financial help for the corporate social responsibilities can get in touch with us at Contact us : info@drivetanzania.com