Corporate Social Responsibility

Drive Tanzania Corporate Social Responsibility is Drive Tanzania Ltd division, whose bedrock are our three pillars: the wildlife, wild lands, and people of Tanzania. Our efforts are dedicated to supporting and growing community and conservation initiatives in Tanzania through a unique and generous partnership with our travelers, suppliers, and employees.

It is our vision to leverage our authority in travel to nurture the human and natural capital that is so great in Tanzania, and to ensure its sustainable development. Our clients help support these efforts, too. Just by travelling and booking with us, they help uplift local communities, enrich lives, fund conservation projects, and make a tangible difference in Tanzania wildlife, landscapes, nature and people.

For Drive Tanzania Ltd, business has never just been about showcasing Tanzania wildness, trekking and beaches, but also about leading and supporting sustainable development programmes that aim to ensure the empowerment, education, and protection of local communities, landscapes, and its inhabitants.