Drive Tanzania Ltd is a popular company which can allow you to enjoy great vacations in the Indian Ocean Island. Planning a visit in the Ocean Paradise Resort? If yes, then you can consider choosing our company. As a Member of America Society of Travel Agent (ASTA), we at Drive Tanzania Ltd work hard to offer you some of the finest services in this regard. Indian Ocean Paradise vacations can become easy and enjoyable once you have a company like ours at your disposal.

Some of the main amenities offered by ocean resort are:

  • Family Bungalows
  • Mini Bar
  • Facility of satellite television and radio
  • All rooms are fully air conditioned
  • Facility of direct dialing
  • Private terrace where you can relax after a hectic day at work
  • Regular House cleaning services and
  • Wake –up service

Stay in the most ultimate environment

The Indian Ocean Island Destinations are indeed considered the most exotic and the beautiful destinations in the entire world. Definitely planning a vacation to these destinations comes out to be expensive but afterwards you realize that every penny was worth spending since you get to see some of the unique islands and most of them have lovely resorts and so you get to stay in an ultimate environment.

Choose the best destinations for vacations

The Seychelles is the best destination on the Indian Ocean Island and this is mainly because of their granite boundaries and fabulous beaches. Mauritius is also one of the most popular destinations to be visited by people. But whenever you are planning a vacation, you can also consider visiting the Madagascar’s tropical mountains which are indeed very exotic and exciting and if you are visiting these destinations for the first time, you will simply love them.

All in all, we can assure you that once you choose us for your vacations in the Ocean Paradise Resort, you won’t be disappointed. We are never going to let you down as we have a significant amount of experience in this industry. So, give Drive Tanzania Ltd a try if you wish to enjoy great vacations with your family members.