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Discover Kenya Safaris with the help of tourist companies

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Drive Tanzania Ltd is led by a trained group of experts whose objective is to offer customers with reliable tour and safari services which can meet their expectations. Their aim is to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction so that the clients can enjoy all types of activities during the trip including: mountain climbing and cultural tours. Right from the time you land here, the company staff will take care of everything from start to finish. We have built up really strong relationships with strong hotels, airlines whether local or international. This permits us to proffer a wide range of well-designed safari tours at economical prices without compromising on the quality. Safaris in Kenya can really become amazing with our enthusiasm and experience permits us to proffer worry-free services to our customers. Once you choose our company we will make sure that you get the services of a lifetime and the Kenya trip becomes memorable for you.

What All Should You Know before your Visit to Kenya Safaris?

Visa and Passport Requirements:

People from all western nationalities need a visa to enter Kenya. If you plan to visit only Kenya, a three-month single entry tourist visa will suffice the purpose. However, if your tour plan requires you to leave and return to Kenya, you would need a multiple entry visa which is valid for 6 months with at least two blank pages in your passport. Though you can even purchase your visa on arrival, yet it is advised that you pre-organize the visa with your local Embassy prior to your trip.

Health & Safety

Whether you are at home or out for holidays, Health is paramount. During your visit to Kenya, you might come across Kenya Safari destinations that are not malaria free and thus, you should have complete knowledge of the vaccination you should get before your travel to Kenya.

Visit a travel health specialist at least 2 months prior to your tour so as to review vaccination options and possible prophylaxes. Since Kenya is not malaria free, apart from the routine vaccinations, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention also recommends the Hepatitis A and B, Polio, Typhoid, Meningitis, RabiesYellow fever and prophylaxis (Malarone or Doxycycline) vaccination. If you come from a yellow fever country, proof of vaccination is a must requirement.

In case of any medical emergency, Kenya possesses some of the best medical facilities in East Africa most of which are located in Nairobi. Since they are privately run, we highly recommend an international medical insurance.

Kenya is a safe country to visit but at the same time it is important that every visitor remains alert, vigilant and responsible while on safari. Travellers should take minimum valuables with them and should not leave their luggage and other belongings unattended in rooms or public places. They should also avoid over display of wealth, bothin terms of cash or jewellery, as it can invite trouble for them.


Kenya has two official languages, English and Kiswahili, with approximately 62 languages spoken in the country.


The official currency of Kenya is the Kenyan shilling.The current exchange rate of Kenya Shilling is approximately 1 USD to 104 KES. Most of the prominent cities have a large number of ATMs with due permit withdrawals using international credit cards.

The prominent lodges are generally equipped with credit card machines, but stillwe recommend you to carry additional USD and KES in the event of a machine malfunction. Though most of the lodges accept both USD and KES, smaller vendors generally prefer KES.

Social Customs

Kenyans are by heart the most amiable people. They are very warm, friendly and welcoming. It is their custom to greet people as you pass by with a simple ‘hello’.It is recommended to always take permission from people before photographing them. While most of them would not mind, a few would not like to be photographed. Thus, it is always better to ask for permission.

The country is predominantly Christian, however, a small segment of the population follow Islam or other local belief systems.

Dress code

Kenya facilitates a liberal dressing sense. However, an over display of thighs is not welcomes. But if you are at the beach, you may wear bathing suits and shorts.

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