Mount Kilimanjaro is at 19,336 feet and it is the highest peak in Africa. Some amazing facts of this place are as mentioned below:

- Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest walkable mountain across the globe, so you can very well imagine the adventure in Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

- While climbing the mountain, you basically experience 5 different climatic zones, so it is a wonderful and a unique experience altogether.

- Mount Kilimanjaro is composed of the three very famous volcanic cones which are Kibo, Mawenzi and the Shira.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

There are various trekking companies in this region which provides help to all its travelers so that their adventure can be more fun without any problems. Also if you hire guides while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, they will assist you throughout your adventure and give you knowledge about each and every famous spot in that area. All these trekking companies ensure the safety of their travelers with the certified equipment and services.

What is the best time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

Trekking Kilimanjaro is indeed very exciting and if you get this opportunity in your life, you should not miss it. The best season to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is from January to March. During this time, no doubts that the temperature will be cold and there will be more probability of snowing as well. But in spite of all these factors the days in this season are very clear, so you can actually experience some amazing views.

Also if you are planning a trip to Mount Kilimanjaro from June to October, then you will observe this season to be busier as compared to the other months of the year. So basically if you are looking for a company and want to cut down on your trekking cost, you must plan a trip during this time.

Amazing experience while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

While climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you will come across some of the spectacular landscapes and as you proceed in your journey, you will notice a considerable difference in the vegetation zones also. Though it’s a long route, but if you keep walking slowly and keep enjoying the beautiful sceneries on your way, you will not feel exhausted at all. But make sure you have all the essential things while you are going for trekking, do a good research on the essential things you need to carry so that you do not land up in any kind of mess after reaching the spot. For booking details and more information contact us soon!