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Vacation planning is very essential to enjoy the special moment that you deserve and that should be within the budget you have. In today's economical situation, everyone is not so smart to grab the last minute vacation deal by booking online, and in most of the cases the deal consists of about 50% of total travel expenses. If you pay some attention to details you can easily design a plan that can cost less and help you to enjoy a hassle free vacation. If you are planning to visit Africa this time then Drive Tanzania Ltd can help you with all your car rental requirements.

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The company offers Nairobi Arusha shuttle facility that can pick you up from the airport and drop you at your destination comfortably. We intend to offer all our customers a hassle free kilimanjaro car hire service and all our rates are affordable so that it does not burn a hole in your pocket. We all know that Mt Kilimanjaro is a destination where travellers dream to reach and our car hire services enable them to live those dreams. Whether you have decided to travel to Kalimanjaro for some mountain climbing or to see the wonderful land of Tanzania, public transport is fairly primitive and may at time be not a cost effective means of travelling. With our car services it will be easy for you to reach the airport and plan your trip easily at various places.

At Drive Tanzania Ltd you will find a wide variety of cars to suit your requirements and your budget. We offer the option to book your car in real time and save a big amount of your budget while on tour. Our cars are all well maintained and in proper condition and we take care that all our customers are ultimately satisfied with our exclusive Dar es Salaam car hire services. Availing our services will not only help you to plan your tour in an effective manner but will also save much time and make your vacation hassle free. It is our years of experience in this car rental industry that has made us so popular among tourists and we lay our best efforts to maintain a long term relationship with our clients so that they can keep coming back to us or even refer other to avail our services.

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