Kenya Hotels

Kenya offers on of the best accommodation for tourists thanks to her best hotels.The Kenya hotels are high class with the best rooms, meals and security installations ever.

Nairobi city hotels

Nairobi city has an array of hotels for its visitors to chose from.The hotels have the best facilities and offer services at affordable rates.

Great riftvalley hotels

Located at the heart of the Great Rift valley,the hotels are high class with state of the art rooms, professional staff and good foods.

Maasai mara lodges

This is in the south western corner of the country 390 km from Nairobi lies a vast plain beneath the mara escarpment striped back twice a year by over two million wildbeest and zebras migrating from the Serengeti this was name as the seventh wonder of the modern world

Kenya beach hotels

This is an area characterised by long stretches of beaches between Mombasa and Kilifi. and is been regarded as the Tourist Paradise.Many of the hotels along this beach are along the Jadini forest-the haunt of leopards and monkeys as well as brilliant forest birds.

Mount Kenya Hotels

Mt.Kenya offers a serene environment for tourists activities.Come enjoy the beautiful scene of the mountain and participate in the challenging mountain climbing.

Samburu Region Lodges

Enoy dinner and stay at the famous Samburu lodges.Samburu lodges are famous for game viewing and ga,me drives for their clients

Amboseli and Tsavo lodges

Amboseli national is located a few kilometers from Nairobi it is in the slopes ofMt.KilimanjaroThe Umbrella of Africa.This muontain forms a beutifull backdropwhich can be seen from the park in clear wether

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