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Tarangire National Park is situated in Northern Tanzania and is the most famous for its elephant migration, birding and amazing safaris. It has one of the largest game viewing area and exceptional concentration of game. The Park is really a gemon the Northern safari circuit.It provides a completely different atmosphere and habitat from the other parks. It is amazingly large that provides the visitors the quietest game viewing environment of all the parks in the region. The Park is also one of the most seasonal Parks in Northern Tanzania.

The wildlife is best seen during its peak season and includes large numbers of wildebeest and zebra as well as giraffe, buffalo, Thompson's gazelle, leopard and cheetah, etc.The dwarf mongoose, oryx and generukare the rewards of the park but rare to view. It is one of Tanzania's finest birding destinations. While on the Tarangire Safaris you may have the luck to watchthe Serengeti migration, one of the natural wonders of the world with about 1.5 million of wildebeest and zebra migrating. You may have the most magical wildlife viewing experience in your life.


Tarangire is an amazing park for the daytime game driving, however, staying outside the park provides an opportunity for walking and night safari. There are no boat safaris but there are camps that offer adventurous fly camping trips and excellent walking safari

Best time for the Visit:

From June to October, the park provides the best of the game viewing and animals migrate into the park from surrounding areas. The Wildlife is easy to spot andthe weather is beautiful but during the off season, most of the games migrates out of the park and are rare to be seen.

Where to stay

The border of Tarangire is surrounded by a number of lodges, hotels and campsites that provides the magical stay in the wild.

In all, the TARANGIRE SAFARIS provide an adventurous Wildlife Experience. There is a lot much wildlife that you can spot on your visit, the adventurous games that can drive you crazy and the spectacular views that make the visit all the more thrilling and a memorable experience.