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  • Renters must present a passport and valid driving license before the vehicle will be released.
  • Renter will be required to sign this car hire contract and a liability waiver before the vehicle will be released
  • A-refundable deposit of (30% of the total rental cost). Must be paid before the vehicle will be released.
  • There are no refunds for vehicles returned earlier than the agreed return date set at the time of rental or vehicles rejected before used.
  • Drive Tanzania LTD reserves the right to inspect the vehicle during the hire term and can withdraw the contract at any time.
  • No person other than the renter should drive the vehicle.
  • Renters agree not to drive the vehicle when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • The renter is responsible for all passengers in the vehicle. The renter shall remain solely responsible for any loss, damage, or compensation that may occur to any person or property.
  • Renter wishing to take a vehicle outside the Arusha district must receive approval for this travel.
  • Vehicle may not be taken across international borders.
  • Rental visiting the national parks in the rented vehicle must follow all the national park rules and regulations.
  • Maintenance/Damages/loss.
    • Renters are required to recognize and promptly repair leaking or punctured tires.
    • Renters are required to check and re fill water and oil recervoirs regularly (Vehicles drive in town weekly/ in the bush daily).
    • Renters are required to fill fuel only at larger gas stations, such as PB and Total. In some of the smaller gas stations diesel or petrol is sometimes mixed with other materials. Dirty fuel can damage the Engine.
    • Renters are liable for the coast or repair due to negligence, reckless and/ or careless driving.
  • Renters are required to replace broken windscreen, windows, mirrors and damaged tires.
  • Rental is required to replace items lost or stolen from a vehicle (including spare tires, jacks and other tools rented with the vehicle).
  • Rental shall not use the rental vehicle to tow or push another vehicle.
  • The vehicle shall not be used for the smuggling or carrying illegal goods or items. If the vehicle is used for smuggling or carrying illegal good or items and is caught and or seized by any authority, the renter is responsible for and will pay for any costs incurred as a result.


*Self drive vehicles carry only Third party insurance. This insurance will cover damages to another vehicles/third party. The renter is liable for the full cost of repairs of damages to the rented vehicle.

*Comprehensive insurance is available at an additional cost to renters who would like additional coverage.

This covers loss or damage to the rented vehicle by accident, theft, fire and insured legal liability arising out of death or bodily injury to third parties and damage to third party property.


  • Vehicles must be picked up and dropped off at the Drive Tanzania Office or at Arusha Hotel (9:00am to 5:00pm).
  • Vehicles must be returned in the condition in which they were received aside from general wear and tear from a safari .Vehicle will be inspected for loss and damage .Charges will be charged to the renter credit card or can also be paid in cash according to the preference of the renter.


  • All vehicles are checked and serviced before being rented out. However, because of the rough driving condition of Tanzania there are times that there are unexpected problem with vehicles.
  • Renters of the vehicles are required to bring their vehicles to the Drive Tanzania garage for all repairs when the vehicle has a problem while in, or around Arusha.
  • Renter may take vehicles to another garage when a minor problem occurs while driving outside of the Arusha area(more than 50 kilometres from Arusha Town)
  • When bringing a vehicle to any garage please do not leave valuables in the vehicle (even the car tool kit) as it is not uncommon for items to be stolen at the garage.
  • In the case of a major breakdown Drive Tanzania will supply a mechanic and a replacement vehicle as soon as possible (contact the office number). Drivers cannot travel at night. If a breakdown occurs late in the day a driver can be sent no sooner than the early the next morning.
  • In case of breakdown or car accident renters must pay full cost of the vehicle or maintenance.
    • Breakdown service is only available in the Northern Circuit (Arusha, Moshi, Loliondo, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Natron and Lake Eyasi).
  • >Renter wishing to take a vehicle outside the Northern Circuit must receive approval for this travel.
  • >Renter who travel outside of the Northern Circuit will be required to repair vehicles at their own expense and depending on the nature of the repair may receive reimbursement of costs incurred when they return the vehicle. To receive reimbursements renters must provide receipts.


                In event of an accident,

  • First contact the police (Arusha, Karatu, and Serengeti). It is mandatory that you receive a police report for any traffic incident.
  • Then contact the Drive Tanzania (we may able to help you with the police procedure).
  • After an accident does not leave the vehicle unattended as it is not uncommon for unattended vehicles to be vandalized.
  • Drive Tanzania Ltd will supply a vehicle to replace your damaged vehicle if there is one available……Availability cannot be guaranteed.


*Please drive carefully and obey the posted speed limits.

*Drive defensively…….You may be stopped by the police for a vehicle inspection to check for insurance and road license (These are the stickers on the windows)and safety equipment ( two reflective triangles and a fire extinguisher, which are provided in each Driving Tanzania vehicle). Please be careful when parking in Arusha and other towns.

* Lock the vehicle and close all windows. Vandalism of unattended cars is not uncommon.

*Park in designated parking areas only. There is a plenty of approximately US$50 for parking in an unauthorized area.

*The parking fee (In Arusha) for rented vehicles is Tshs.1000/= per day. Parking attendants wearing uniforms will collect the fee and give you a parking ticket. Display the ticket on the dashboard.


Drive Tanzania LTD Contact numbers Office +255 656 858 684

If the driver or passenger of the vehicle requires medical attention we   recommended the following medical services.

ARUSHA: Arusha Lutheran Medical Center (near the Golden Rose Hotel/Florida roundabout)

KARATU: Fame Clinic, +255 732 978 729 Dr. Frank Artress, Dr. Mshana or Dr. Ivan

Flying Medical Service for emergency evacuations +255 27205080583

AMREF for emergency evacuations +25420315454, 602492,315455 or 600090

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