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As such there is something already very adventurous about the Safaris and when it comes to the thrill of staying in atented camp, it fills you will all the more excitement. There is no more hiding inside the four walls with the artificial lights but the experience to enjoy the glow of lanterns light on the tent’s canvas and enjoying the African nights with an altogether natural environment. Over the years the tents have been gone through a lot more moderation. They are no more the typical ones, although they are also present, but offer no less than a safari lodge. Today the Tented camp Safaris have the best of the luxury tents available to give that soft and soothing feel you will just love. The Camps add an altogether different a different touch to your trip.

These camps can add a touch of pure romance and aroma to your overall visit to make it all the more worthy and memorable. While lying in a Camp amidst the beautiful surroundings, at the lakeside having your very own personal suite with a lavishly soft bed where you can relax under the sky and enjoy the African stars together with your partner. Where on earth would you get a much better environment to romance? These can be the true luxury with the best of the facilities around where you are the king of your own wish! They take you off the monotonous and routine stay and can be amazingly thrilling to make the experience a truly magical for you. They provide you a peace of mind. Just imagine yourself by the lake side, enjoying the clear sky, the clean water, the lush greenery and being lost in your very own thoughts! Don’t you want to be there right away? So, what are you waiting for? Just book your tour with us for the most memorable trip of your life!