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Drive Tanzania – Self Drive Safaris & Chauffeur driven Car Rentals.

Planning to drive in Tanzania on self drive Safari or Chauffeur driven car rental for your Tanzania Safari? Discuss with the experts in offering magical Tanzania Car Rental services for unique experience on private guided or self drive Safari to enjoy Big five watching adventure in Tanzanian National Parks with free cross border trips to Kenya , Uganda, Rwanda.

The Republic of Tanzania is ranked among the best destination within East Africa for Unique Wildlife watching & Kilimanjaro Trekking which is the highest peak in Africa.

Tanzania is a country that stubbornly clings to your heart with a passion that cannot be described until you experience it in all its harsh and unforgiving splendour. We appreciate that you are the bold adventurer who wishes to experience the magic of our vast desert country at your own pace, but with the best possible back-up offered by our customized tour itineraries, reservations and a bagful of other helpful services not found under any camel-thorn tree!

You Can’t Get Home Unless You’re Safe…..

About Drive Tanzania

At DRIVE TANZANIA CAR HIRE, we have a huge appreciation and respect for the Namibian natural environment and conservation efforts by both the Namibian Government and private institutions. We promote self-drive tours to the most striking natural areas in Namibia while keeping you informed about treading lightly in our unique desert environment.


If  Your Planning a group Self drive Safari in Tanzania , Kenya with one way option, Enjoy the discounted rates for long term rental from 25 days & above for unique experience of exploring the Unsurpassed Africa on Private guided Safari staying in Rooftop tents or lodges booked by Drive Tanzania. we offer private or group adventures:
5 landcruiser group cars for rental 25 days come with a discount of 3% per Car with a minimum of 10pax
Long Term Individual Tanzania Car Rental come with a discount of 2%.

Book in advance 2-3 months. Offers are valid while they last 2024-2025.


Mount Kilimanjaro National Park is managed by Tanzania Parks and there are six routes sanctioned for climbing Kilimanjaro and two routes used for descent. These are:

  • Machame
  • Marangu
  • Rongai
  • Lemosho
  • Umbwe
  • Shira
  • Northern Circuit
  • Mweka (descent only)

Warning ,
There are 6 day schedules  which are commonly offered by Local Tour operators  but too fast – there is a very high risk (75%!) of altitude sickness, and it is quite likely that you will not be able to summit the mountain on these schedules. In order to safely acclimatize, you should ascend more slowly than indicated.


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We love helping people plan adventures to Rwenzori, Gorillas, Chimps and Big five watching  in Uganda  with 10 years of experience, we can help you decide when to travel, where to go and what to add on.

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